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First of all –   I hope that you have taken the time to view my photos before entering the “About me” page.
If not, please return to the gallery section and decide if you like my style.
If you did not like the photos or my style then this site is not for you, please press the exit button in the right top corner.
If you did however view my photos and you liked what you saw then


Hi, I’m Billy Smit

Pleased to meet you, I’ll try to make this experience of my “About me” as painless as possible.

I have a passion for photography and enjoy taking photos of people, certain animals and of course anything with wheels and I try to stay as close to reality, the natural look and feel as possible.

I made peace with whom I am what I like and dislike and I have adopted the saying

“We are what we are”

So if you’re fat, you’re fat. If you’re skinny, you’re skinny. If you cannot change the way you look then accept it and go on with your life.  Life is way too short to worry about things that are out of your control.  Imagine a world where we all looked like super models, it would be one big pretty boring place.

I will soften your skin, remove your pimples (if you have) and hide certain things if needed on your photo (which I took) but I cannot make you look 21 if you’re 89.  I’m a photographer not a plastic surgeon.

People photography is and will always stay one of my favourite genres.  We have emotions, shapes, sizes and colours which create a scope of creative ideas (good and bad) so vast that we can do a single photo shoot for days and every photo taken will be unique.  Even the blurry ones.

Ok so now that you know that I’m not a miracle worker let’s get down to business.


You want photos and I have a camera, some ideas (you too) and lots of laughs so please go to the “Contact Me” part and send me some info.

Hopefully we can meet over a cup of coffee or tea, finalize the necessary details and start with the photo shoot.

I have a studio where some of the shoots take place but I do most of the shoots on location.

A promise from my side:
I might not take the best photo in the world BUT I’ll give you my best work.

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